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About LSCB – introductory text

Adult Safeguarding

Adult Safeguarding - Reporting a concern about an Adult

Allegations - against people who work with children. (LADO)

Allegations Against Staff or Volunteers (Procedure)

Anti-Bullying & E-Safety Strategy (under review)

Appendices & Protocols

Assessment (Procedure)


Bullying (Procedure)

CAF - no longer in use as of 02.11.2016 - see Prevention & Early Intervention

CHANNEL Referral Form - This form should be completed with the details of the person(s) for whom the referring officer/agency has concerns over in relation to their vulnerability to radicalisation for extremist or terrorist purposes.

Child Death Process - Please follow link for information on the Child Death Process within North East Lincolnshire and links to factsheets relating to Safe Sleeping Arrangements.

Child Death Public Report 2010-2016

Child Death Practitioner Report 2008-2016

Child Death Review Process and Child Death Overview Panel (Procedure)

CAMHS - Children and Adolescent Mental Health

Child Protection Conference Report Formats

Child Protection Conferences (Procedure)

Child Protection Enquiries (Procedure)

Child Protection Plans (Procedure)

Child Sexual Exploitation (Procedure)

Child & Families Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries (Procedure)

Children Affected by Gang Activity and Youth Violence (Procedure)

Children & Families that go Missing (Including Unborn Babies) (Procedure)

Children from Abroad (Procedure)

Children Living Away from Home with Other Families (Procedure)

Children Missing from Education (Procedure)

Children Missing from Home and Care (Procedure)

Children Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries (Procedure)

Children of Parents who Misuse Substances (Procedure)

Children of Parents with Learning Difficulties (Procedure)

Children of Parents with Mental Health Problems (Procedure)

Complaints in Relation to Child Protection Conference (Procedure)

Concealed Pregnancy (Procedure)

Child Sexual Exploitation Priority - includes SaySomethingSeeSomething Campaign, Sex, Secrets & Lies Guide, Keep Safe Leaflet, A Parent's Guide to coping with CSE and 'So, You Got Naked Online' Resource and links to the ZIPIT App.

Child Sexual Exploitation Videos

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy 2016-2018

Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan 2016-2018

Children and Young Peoples Plan 14 - 16

Care Leavers - Rights and Entitlement leaflet

Children's Workforce Professional Capabilities Framework for Neglect

Concern & Conflict Resolution Escalation (formerly "Resolution of Professional Disagreements")

Contact Us


Cyber Bullying & E-Safety - includes D of E Advice for Parents and Carers on Cyber Bullying


Disabled Children (Procedure)

Domestic Violence and Abuse (Procedure)

Domestic Abuse Priority

Domestic Abuse Practice Guidance and Directory

Domestic Abuse Strategy

Domestic Abuse One System Approach  - Agreed Principles of Practice

Domestic Abuse Screening Tool

Domestic Abuse - Safety Planning and Staying Safe Booklet


Early Help (Procedure)

Early Help Assessment

Emotional Health and Wellbeing - Future in Mind (FiM)

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Training

E-Safety & Cyber Bullying

E-Safety - Children Exposed to Abuse through Digital Media (Procedure)


Fabricated or Induced Illness (Procedure)

Family Group Conference Referral Form

Family Hub Information

Family Rights Group

Family Support Pathway

Family Support Referral Pathway for Neglect

Families First Access Point

Female Genital Mutilation (Procedure)

Forced Marriage (Procedure)

Foundations - Please see Substance Misuse

Foundations Screening Tool

Fraser Competency Checklist

Future in Mind (Emotional Health & Wellbeing) - Promoting, Protecting and improving our children and young people's mental health and well being in North East Lincolnshire.


Good Practice Learning - includes Learning & Improvement Framework

Guides for parents, young people and professional regarding the below topics can be found here

  • Guide for Core Group Members Attending a Core Group
  • Guide for Parents and Young People - Assessments
  • Guide for Parents and Young People Attending Core Groups
  • Guide for Parents to Give Consent for Assessments and Enquiries
  • Guide for Professionals Undertaking a Core Assessment
  • Guide to Child Protection Conferences
  • Guides for Parents, Young People & Professionals


Harmful Sexualised Behaviour Practice Guidance and Procedure 2016 - Includes Traffic Light Tool for assessing sexualised behaviour in children and young people.

Harmful Sexualised Behaviour (Procedure)

Health and Wellbeing Protocol

Honour Based Violence (Procedure)


Information for Families - Includes a variety of information for families.

Information for Practitioners - includes a variety of resources for use.

Information for Schools and Educational Establishments - includes NEL LSCB Education Establishment Safeguarding Audit Reports, Keeping Children Safe in Education - Statutory Guidance For Schools and Colleges. Pro-formas, Sexting in Schools & Collages, Information Sharing : Advice for Practitioners who are Providing Safeguarding Services and various other resources.

Information for Children & Young People - including Young Person's Guide to Working Together to Safeguard Children, Young Person's Guide to the Munro Review of Child Protection, Care Leavers Rights and Entitlements ... Getting Ready to Move On, NELC Children & Young People Plan and various links to Other resources.

Information Sharing (Procedure)


Keeping Children Safe In Education



Local Authority Designated Officer

Local Education Provision Information - Information and contact details for each Nursery, Primary, Secondary, Specialist, College, Universit and Boarding Schools in North East Lincolnshire.

Leadership Board Minutes

Leadership Board Membership List

Learning & Development

Learning and Improvement Framework (Procedure)

Local Contacts

Local Safeguarding Children Board - Role and Function (Procedure)

LSCB Annual Report

LSCB Business Plan

LSCB Newsletters

LSCB Performance - includes the Performance Report, Disability Audit Learning, Domestic Abuse Audit Learning, Missing Audit Learning, Neglect 2015 & 2016 Audit Learning and Threshold Audit Learning.

LSCB Structure


M.A.C.E. (multi agency child exploitation) assessment tool - see CSE above

Membership Lists

Missing (including below) - Please see Procedures.

  • Children & Families that go Missing (inc. Unborn Children)
  • Children Missing Education
  • Children Missing from Home and Care


National Contacts

Neglect Priority

Neglect Strategy

Neglect (Procedure)

Neglect Matters Booklet

Neglect Matters Strategy

Neglect Practice Guidance and Protocol

Neglect Assessment Tool

Neglect Referral Pathway - Please see -  Family Referral Pathway for Neglect

Neglect Professional Capabilities - please see - Professional Capability Framework For Neglect

Neglect Pathway and Accreditation

News & Events

NICE Guidelines - Child maltreatment: when to suspect maltreatment in under 18s

No Access and Failure to Attend Appointments - Overarching Guidance for all Agencies (Procedure)

Non-mobile Babies and Children - Assessment of Injuries (Procedure)


Outcomes Framework

Operational Board Membership List

Organised and Complex Abuse (Procedure)


Persons who Pose a Risk to Children (Procedure)

Pre-birth Assessment (Procedure)

Prevent - includes Channel Programme Summary Report, Channel Referral Form, Prevent Tradgedies Leaflet and various links to additional resources.

Prevention and Early Intervention

Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy

Private Fostering


Professional Capability Framework For Neglect

Professional Disagreements - see Concerns & Conflicts Resolution Escalation Procedure


Racism (Procedure)

Referrals (Procedure)

Register For Updates - We can alert you when the procedure manual is updated.

Reports & Plans

Reporting Sexting or Bullying on Social Media

Resolution of Professional Disagreements - see "Concerns & Conflicts Resolution Escalation Procedure"

Resilience and Relationships

Responding to Abuse and Neglect (Procedure)

Road and Car Safety

Runaway and Missing from Home and Care Protocol

- Missing - Return Interview Debrief Document


Safety in Sports

Safety in Sports - What to look for in children's clubs.

Safer Recruitment Guidance, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers (Procedure)

Safeguarding Leaflets & Forms - includes Agency Report for Review - Child Protection Conference, Agency Report For Initial - Child Protection Conference, GP Report - Child Protection Conference, Review Child Protection Conference -  Parents/Carers Views, Initial Child Protection Conference - Parents/Carers Views , A Guide for Parents and Young People - Assessments, A Guide for Core Group Members Attending a Core Group, A Guide for Parents and Young People Attending Core Groups, A Guide for Parents to Give Consent for Assessments and Enquiries, A Guide for Professionals Undertaking a Core Assessment, A Guide to Child Protection Conference and Child Protection Enquiries.

Safeguarding Practice Guidance

Safe Sleep Arrangements

Safe Sleep Protocol - Joint with North Lincolnshire

Schools Records Management Toolkit for Schools - All maintained schools and academies are required to comply with data protection requirements and statutory guidance on the retention of records. When setting retention periods and determining disposal methods we would recommend that you refer to the Records Management Toolkit for Schools from the Information and Records Management Society.

Local Schools - a list of nursery, primary, secondary, special and further education

Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour (Procedure)

Serious Case Reviews 

Serious Case Reviews (Procedure)

Serious Case Review Panel - Second Report


Spiritual, Cultural and Religious Beliefs (Procedure)

Structures and Sub Groups and Sub Group Membership Lists

Substance Misuse (Foundations)


Terms of Reference for Sub Groups - including Leadership Board, Operational Board, Neglect, QA & Best Practice, Safeguarding in Education, Serious Case Review, Voice and Influence, Learning & Development, Keeping Children Safe and Channel Subgroup Terms of Reference.

Thresholds of Need and Response

Traffic Light Tool for assessing sexualised behaviour in children and young people (Including Harmful Sexualised Behaviour Practice Guidance & Procedure 2016

Training - including Learning & Development Strategy, Safeguarding Courses, Anti-Bullying Alliance, The Restorative Approach, Signs of Safety, Emotional Health & Wellbeing Training, Suicide Awareness Training, HSB Behaviour Training, First Steps to Counselling Skills Training, Training Pathway, Training Levels, Training Charges, Safeguarding Children Training For Trainers Events, Definition of the Safeguarding Children Trainers Role Document and skills and experience forms.

Trafficked Children (Procedure)

Toubled Families Fact Sheet


Underage Sexual Activity (Procedure)


Visits to Prison by Children (Procedure)

Visits to Psychiatric Wards and Facilities by Children (Procedure)

Voice of the Child Tools


What to do if You’re Worried a Child is Being Abused: National Guidance Advice for Practitioners

Whistle Blowing or Raising Concerns at Work (Procedure)

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015

Working with Interpreters and others with Special Communication Skills (Procedure)

Working with Uncooperative and Hostile Families (Procedure) 


Young Witness Service

Young People who are Vulnerable to Messages of Extremism (Procedure)