Attachment, Brain Development and Neglect Workshops


Everyone who liaises directly with families and goes into the family home. e.g. FRS, Health Visitors School Nurses, School Child Protection Co-ordinators and other workers in schools who go into homes, Education Welfare Officers, Police, YOS Workers, Young People Support Services, Children’s Centre Workers, Play Development Workers, Parental Engagement Workers, Family Nurse Practitioners, Voluntary and Community Organisations.


Completion of Level 2 Keeping the Neglected Child in Focus training


• To gain knowledge and understanding of secure attachment and its importance in child development
• To understand and consider the different attachment styles and their impact on the developing child
• To have knowledge of the research and theory behind attachment
• To gain a neurological perspective on the impact and consequences of attachment on later life
• To gain an understanding of attachment and its significance in relation to neglect
• To develop knowledge of research on the developing brain and the impact of attachment.

This session will help participants understand and gain knowledge of research and theory into attachment, the impact on the brain and the subsequent impact on the child. This will be linked to neglect and how this affects the attachment style and parents ability to adequately meet the basic needs (Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs) of the child. The session will introduce brain development systems and pathways from foetus to teenage years and will finish with the consequence of neglect, poor attachment and under developed brain structure and the later life legacy for children and young people.




Members of the Safeguarding Children Training Pool


To book a place on this course please contact Learning Solutions either by email or by phone on 01472 324097.


A charge of £100 per person will be made to agencies when participants do not attend or give less than 7 calendar days notice of cancellation.