Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation Strategy

Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan

Child Sexual Exploitation Practice Guidance & Procedure 2016

CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION (CSE) is when a young person is used by being made or tricked into doing something sexual, sometimes receiving something in return like love, affection, gifts, money, drugs or alcohol.

#SAY SOMETHING is a campaign directed at children and young people, who may be worried about their own safety, or the safety of a friend, in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation. Say Something is a national campaign driven by the National Working Group in partnership with ‘Missing Persons’ National helpline. 

It is not OK for someone to expect you or your friends to do things you don’t want to. Listen to your instinct; if it doesn’t feel right – tell someone.

Say Something if you See Something - If you see something that makes you feel uneasy, like a child in the wrong company who may be scared and need your help.  

You can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111; Humberside Police on 101 quoting ‘Operation Makesafe’; or at Fearless

Sex, Secrets & Lies - your guide - This booklet helps you understand what sexual exploitation can be and gives you information that empowers you to make positive choices.

Barnardo's Keep Safe Leaflet - How to keep you and your friends safe from exploitation and spotting the signs - be aware, stay alert and keep safe.

Keeping it Together - A parent's guide to coping with Child Sexual Exploitation.

So you got NAKED online ... ok... this 'so you got naked online' resource can provide you with information and advice.

Please see the following videos on What Parents and Carers need to know if their child has been naked online.

Child sexual exploitation: definition and guide for practitioners


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