Structures, Terms of Reference and Sub-Groups

LSCB STRUCTURE                                                                           

The LSCB Structure consists of:

  • The Leadership Board meet on a quarterly basis and is run by the LSCB Independent Chair. The Leadership Board is responsible for endorsing the LSCB Business Plan, Monitoring Performance and reviewing a variety of reports brought to the Board for either discussion or information only.
  • The Operational Board meets quarterly and takes responsibility for ensuring the Business Plan is delivered. The Operational Board oversees the work completed by the Subgroups.

The Subgroups are:

  • Serious Case Review
  • Keeping Children Safe
  • Safeguarding Children in Education
  • Neglect
  • Child Death Overview Panel (Joint with North Lincs)
  • Quality, Assurance & Performance
  • Learning & Development

TERMS OF REFERENCE                                                                 

Please click on the links to see each Board/Subgroup's Terms of Reference.

Leadership Board

Operational Board

Neglect Subgroup

Quality Assurance & Best Practice Subgroup

Safeguarding in Education Subgroup

Serious Case Review Subgroup

Voice and Influence Subgroup

Learning & Development Subgroup

Keeping Children Safe Subgroup

Channel Panel

MEMBERSHIP LISTS                                                                     

Leadership Board

Operational Board