INSTAGRAM (Reporting Sexting or Bullying)

Instagram is automatically set to public so that anyone can see your images - even if you don’t know them.

It can help to stop bullying if your profile is private. When your profile is private, anyone who wants to follow you and see your photos has to send you a request - which you can ‘approve’ or ‘deny’. This way you can control who sees your photos and can make sure only your friends can talk to you on Instagram.


You should also report anyone who is being abusive to you. Instagram doesn’t allow naked pictures of under 18’s on their site. If someone’s shared a naked picture of you or someone you know, you can report it to Instagram. You can use the same form to report images shared on Instagram Messenger.

They won’t tell the person you’re reporting that it was you.


If someone is sending you messages or comments that make you feel uncomfortable, angry or upset, a really good first step is blocking the user. The other person won’t know you’ve blocked them. They won’t be able to view your photos, send you comments or find you in search results.

If you block someone, they can still mention your username by using the ‘@’ sign. If you're still getting abusive messages, you can block the person and change your username. This means they can’t mention your username. Check out Instagram's page on blocking people to find out how.