The Restorative Approach

In North east Lincolnshire Council we are working towards embedding the restorative approach through everything we do. Leaders and managers have undertaken a  programme, with action learning between sessions, aiming to build a collaborative professional forum to:

  • Explore, validate and challenge existing leadership practices 
  • Support the application of new learning in day to day practice
  • Encourage self-reflection and sharing of learning with action research


Effective leaders know that achieving rapid and sustainable success requires a clear understanding of purpose, with an ability to communicate in ways that create a context for improvement: continually connecting the right people with the right conversations, creating dialogue and learning - resulting in new and better ways to face facts, no matter how challenging.

The communication framework provided by Restorative Principles in Practice offers a guide to help inform and support the practice of leadership. The key elements of this framework involve:

  • Creating connections
  • Making decisions collaboratively
  • Engaging in dialogue to build, maintain and restore relationships

Further information can be accessed at


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