WHATSAPP (Reporting Sexting or Bullying)

If someone’s bullying you on Whatsapp, the best thing to do is block the person and report them. It’s also a good idea to report them to an adult you can trust. They can help put a stop to the bullying. It can also help to have someone to talk things over with.


When you share images on Whatsapp, the person receiving them will then have copies on their phone, which they can share with people inside and outside of Whatsapp.

If they’re sharing the picture through Whatsapp you can report them by contacting Whatsapp support through the app. The person you're reporting may be banned from the app if it’s related to sexting. But this will not delete the photo from their phone.


Blocking someone on messenger apps means they won’t be able to send you nasty messages. Usually the other person won’t know that you’ve blocked them. You'll just appear offline when they look at their contacts. If you're experiencing bullying on Whatsapp or another Instant Messenger app, saving the conversations will be really helpful when you report the bullying. Take a look at Whatsapp's support page to see what happens when you block someone.